Choosing My Benefits

McClatchy offers medical plans with different premium amounts, deductibles, and money accounts. To determine which plan is right for you and your family, here are some things to consider before you choose.

Talk to ALEX

ALEX is an easy-to-use online tool that will ask you a few basic questions to help you find the benefits that best fits you and your family. Whether you’re enrolling for the first time or making a change, ALEX can guide you through all of our McClatchy benefits to help you pick the coverage needed to take care of you and your family. Talk to ALEX now.​


Things to Consider

Here are some questions to think about as you explore the medical plan options:​​

HSA vs. FSAs

Do HSAs and FSAs sound like a foreign concept? Do you need help choosing between an HSA and an FSA? Find everything you need to make an informed decision here.