Prescription Drug Coverage

McClatchy's prescription drug plans are designed to provide you with comprehensive and affordable care.

McClatchy offers prescription drug coverage in partnership with CVS/Caremark. Similar to health insurance, drug insurance helps pay for prescribed medications; however not all drugs are covered the same - or cost the same from pharmacy to pharmacy.  Being informed on the prescriptions McClatchy covers can help with lower out-of-pocket costs. And don't hesitate to shop around - ask about the price of your medication, and call around to get the best price. Fill RXs via mail order/90 day supply to save even more money, and use copay cards where possible to cut down your out of pocket costs. And if you live near a Costco, hint...RXs are cheaper there too!

Plan Information

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  • CVS/Caremark Member Services: 866-505-6233
    • RX Bin: 004336/RX PCN: ADV/RX GRP: 0458
  • CVS/Caremark Member Website
    • Prescription questions, mail order, eligibility, and claims
    • Questions and help navigating through CVS
  • Mail Order: 800-227-5720
  • Specialty Pharmacy: 800-237-2767
    • Specialty drug refills, order status, and questions
  • Fax in your specialty prescription(s): 800-323-2445