Leave of Absence

Sometimes life happens...accidents, illnesses, injuries - not to just to ourselves, but to those we love and care for. This is why Leave of Absence(s) exist.

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A leave of absence (LOA) is a period where you take time away from work due to a disability, medical concern, family matter, or personal need beyond a vacation or holiday. LOAs will begin after 5 consecutive days of absence and may be accompanied with job protection, parental leave and/or supplemental income benefits.


FAQ Overview

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Types of Leaves

Leave Resource Documents

This table links to resource documents by state (or, if not listed, please use the All States link) to help you begin and navigate through the process of requesting your leave of absence.


Washington D.C.


New York


Hawaii New Jersey Colorado (2023)
Oregon (2023) All Other States


McClatchy's LOA team is here to help you navigate considerations or the need for leave.  For information regarding your rights under state and federal family and medical leave laws, disability laws, wage replacement or to notify of a leave of absence, contact the LOA team by phone or email or using the information below: