Check on your emotional health in just a few minutes

Life can leave you feeling tired, anxious or sad. It can be tough to tell when reaching out for support might help you feel and function better. That’s why we’ve created a new emotional well-being screener for you to use.

How it works

The tool includes questions to help identify your level of distress and how life challenges may be impacting you.

Once you submit your responses, the tool may refer you to:

  • Online self-help tools
  • Referrals to call us for emotional support
  • Daily life assistance and other resources

The tool’s questions are based on existing and validated screening assessments, e.g. our proprietary SIGNAL well-being tool.

Take a brief screening to see if you can benefit from free services available to you today. Simply log on to, scroll down and click “Take an emotional wellbeing screening here.”

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