Evidence of Insurability Process

You may be required to complete the Evidence of Insurability (EOI) process when newly enrolling in LTD buy-up or increased supplemental life insurance.

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is an application process through which you provide information on the condition of your health or your dependent's health in order to be considered for certain types of insurance coverage.

To complete the EOI process, the Hartford will email you a notification if we maintain that information otherwise a notification will be mailed to your home. The notification will provide you with the steps to log in online and securely complete the health questionnaire for yourself and/or spouse/DP if applicable.

Online Submissions - Should you choose to submit the questionnaire online you will be told immediately if you are approved, declined or pended.  If pended, the Hartford's underwriting department will follow up with you directly should any additional information be needed until a final decision is made.

Manual Submissions - Should you choose to notify The Hartford to send you a paper application and then mail it into the medial underwriting department, the final decision will be delayed.  You will be notified by The Hartford if you are approved, denied, or pended for further information.

Until final decisions are made by the Hartford, your LTD Buy-up and/or Supplemental Life insurance election will not be active. If you choose not to respond by the deadline specified in the notification, your election(s) will be void.

EOI Process FAQ


  • The Hartford Customer Service: 877-663-4278
  • EOI Portal
    • Check status of EOI determination
    • Complete EOI questionnaire
  • The Hartford Medical Underwriting: 800-331-7234