Investing your HSA

By investing your HSA assets, you maximize your potential investment returns and give yourself as much money as possible to work with now and in retirement.

The benefits of investing

Once you have a minimum balance in your HSA (typically $1,000), you can open an investment account and start investing your HSA dollars. With an investment account, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Access to a diversified group of mutual funds, each professionally managed  by an investment adviser
  • Integration with Morningstar® research data
  • 401(k)-like investment capabilities with no transaction fees for trading
  • The ability to move money from your investment account back to your HSA if you need those funds for health care

Investments made simple

You can choose from a variety of mutual funds. And from the PayFlex member website, you can:

  • Transfer funds to and from your HSA.
  • Create recurring transfers to automatically take place each week, month or quarter.
  •  View your investment account information, like investment balances, elections and recent transactions.
  • Manage your investment account by exchanging your investments with other investments. Or rebalancing your current investments to a certain percentage